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ZD-XL SQL Accelerator 1.5 Key Features

Tightly integrated acceleration deployed as flash volumes, flash caching, or both:

  • Flash volumes: enable server-side log updates that eliminate SAN/network latency
  • Flash caching: for large datasets that do not fit into server-side flash volumes to
    ensure that data is right, relevant and readily available when SQL Server needs it
    using smaller quantities of flash

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 support

  • Also supports versions 2012 and 2008 R2

Virtualization support to accelerate application VMs

  • VMware ESXi (4.1 and 5.x)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server (2012 R2, 2012 and 2008 R2)

Complements/extends the SQL Server 2014 BPE service

  • Enables DB pages to be accessed faster by loading them directly from flash

Remote flash services support

  • Blade servers, specific rack-mounted servers, commodity servers

Tight integration with SQL Server management

  • Accelerates SQL Server applications at a per database level
  • Provides fine granularity for selecting only those DB files that need to be accelerated
  • Speaks to DBAs in a language they understand

Innovative flash caching supported by:

  • Proprietary Direct Pass Caching Technology
  • Application-optimized caching policies for OLTP and OLAP workloads
  • Dynamic pre-warming of cache for accelerating BI and reports

Dynamic Analysis and Pre-Warming of Cache

  • Analyzes, identifies and pre-loads repeated data access patterns
  • Assures the right data is on the Flash just as SQL Server needs it
  • Ideal for Index building, cube creation, ETL

High Availability via SQL Server AlwaysOn Support

  • Unobtrusive data replication at the speed of flash
  • Synchronous and non-synchronous modes supported

Best Practice Wizards

  • Plug-n-Play for quick and easy deployment
  • Intuitive GUI optimally manages SQL Server environments


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