Integrated Flash Hardware & Software Solution for SQL Server

Your better, faster database. Meet ZD-XL SQL Accelerator.


The ZD-XL SQL Accelerator is a tightly integrated, plug-n-play flash acceleration solution optimized for Microsoft SQL Server deployments. As the culmination of a tightly integrated hardware and software solution, ZD-XL provides end-to-end data path integration. Its acceleration software, driver, firmware and hardware are uniquely optimized to provide robust, streamlined performance.

The ZD-XL addresses SQL Server database applications to ensure that the data is right, relevant, and readily available on SSD flash when SQL Server needs it. Plugging seamlessly into existing or new SQL Server installations, it provides on-host application-optimized flash caching for SAN or DAS DB volumes, enabling data to be accessed with the highest possible I/O performance.

Featuring step-by-step implementation wizards, the ZD-XL guides DBAs so they can optimally benefit from the flash resources provided by the acceleration card. One click creation of all flash volumes allows ultra-low latency access to tempDB and columnar indexes. While at the same time, OCZ’s Direct Pass Caching Technology offers optimized acceleration caching policies for DAS and SAN volumes running analysis or transactional SQL Server loads.

The ZD-XL SQL Accelerator further provides a unique cache warm-up and analysis mechanism that enables monitoring and preloading of scheduled data into the cache making sure the right data is available at the right time to SQL Server analytical loads.


Unleash SQL Server Performance

The ZD-XL SQL Accelerator drives TCO savings with optimized performance and minimized system DRAM requirements, enabling the use of cost-effective commodity storage for capacity.

Your better, faster database

  • Plug-n-Play deployment
  • Optimized OLTP and OLAP flash caching
  • Flash volumes for tempDB and logs
  • Cache warm-up analysis and scheduling
  • Best practice deployment wizards
  • Direct Pass Caching Technology
  • DAS and SAN DB volume acceleration

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Plug-n-Play into Existing SQL Deployments

  • Seamlessly accelerates existing SQL deployment
  • Caches hot data from existing DAS and SAN DB volumes on accelerated flash resources
  • ZD-XL resources are seamlessly divided between a flash caching pool and on-host flash volumes

ZD-XL WSFC Diagram

Increase SQL Server Query Performance by up to 25x

The ZD-XL SQL Accelerator provides optimized application-aware caching policies for SQL Server OLAP and OLTP loads. Optimized policies ensure the highest benefit from flash resources by closely monitoring the application data access DNA.

ZD-XL Data Warehouse Query Completion Times

An End-to-End Integrated Acceleration Solution

ZD-XL SQL Accelerator Integrated Diagram

ZD-XL Direct Pass Caching Architecture

  • Tight hardware and software integration allows its advanced application-optimized caching engine to run in tangent with streamlined flash drivers
  • Powered by OCZ’s Direct Pass Caching Technology offering optimized hit ratios with ultra-low latency access to flash

ZD-XL Direct Pass Caching Architecture