Accelerating Enterprise Applications

The OCZ Z-Drive R4 Series represents a turning point in the evolution of PCIe attached solid state storage by merging the best feature sets of both the pure hardware and pure software based approaches to data management. Designed and manufactured for a wide range of enterprise environments including cloud computing and data centers, the Z-Drive R4 features OCZ's Virtualized Controller Architecture™ (VCA) 2.0, providing the utmost in performance, flexibility, durability and enhanced reliability, allowing data centers to rely on a PCIe-based SSD as their primary tier one storage solution for the first time. Additionally, the Z-Drive R4's level of concentrated performance enables system architects to design more productive infrastructures while lowering operating costs associated with hard drive technology.

VCA 2.0 supports the industry standard SCSI command set and, among a litany of other things, provides highly efficient performance aggregation due to our proprietary Complex Command Queuing Structure™ (CCQS), that handles balancing with OCZ's unique Queue Balancing Algorithm™, that extends the NAND flash life at a block level, manages redundancy, and is the software interface with the host system.

Z-Drives integrate seamlessly with servers at the system bus and kernel level, creating a new flash memory tier and dramatically increasing throughput and application performance all while slashing capital and operating costs.


  • Innovative storage system that enables game-changing performance for cloud computing applications
  • Cost-effective MLC-based design with best-in-class endurance and reliability
  • Advanced feature-set includes power loss data protection
  • Delivers elevated levels of throughput and bandwidth, promoting the most efficient and productive cloud infrastructures

Proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture™ (VCA) 2.0

  • Multifaceted virtualization layer that interfaces with host system
  • Enables TRIM, SCSI unmap and SMART monitoring for system administrators

SuperScale™ Storage Accelerator Unique to OCZ

  • Facilitates scalable performance in enterprise and datacenter applications
  • Unique complex command queuing structure plus queue balancing algorithms
  • Provides highly efficient performance aggregation while reducing the burden on host resources

Superior Reliability, Endurance and Security Features

  • DataWrite Assurance™ - data preservation in case of sudden power loss (R Series only)
  • Data fail recovery ensures superior reliability
  • Intelligent block management and wear-leveling for increased endurance
  • Advanced security with 128-bit AES encryption support
  • Strong error correction for enhanced data integrity

VMware Ready

Key Differentiators

  • Highest performing enterprise PCIe solution on the market
  • Merges the best features of pure hardware and software based approaches to data management and overcomes the inherent weaknesses of both
  • Lowest CPU and memory resource utilization in its class
  • Bootable as a direct-attach device
  • Ultra-high endurance for enterprise applications (increases drive life by up to five times the rated P/E cycles of the NAND)
  • Only PCIe drive with complete power fail protection and drive-level recovery
  • Maintains user-configurable flexibility not found in other enterprise storage devices
  • Only virtualization layer in the industry with TRIM and SCSI unmap support


  • Up to 2,800 MB/s Sequential Read
  • Up to 2,800 MB/s Sequential Write
  • Up to 410,000 IOPS 4k Random Write
  • Up to 275,000 IOPS 8k Random Write
  • Maximum 500,000 IOPS
  • 3-Year Warranty