Enterprise SSD Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

Today, it is widely acknowledged that flash-based storage media offers an array of advantages over traditional hard disk drives. These include superior:

However, when it comes to restructuring an enterprise IT infrastructure or a massive virtualized environment, implementing SSDs can be a costly investment and undertaking. But when you consider that a single OCZ Z-Drive PCIe or a small array of SATA SSDs can deliver the performance of thousands of hard drives, the potential for a significantly reduced TCO quickly becomes realized. In addition, OCZ solutions' level of concentrated performance can dramatically lower data center costs associated with hardware failure, operating footprint, and energy consumption. And furthermore, OCZ solutions get your employees and/or clients back the time that is wasted accessing traditional latency-ridden storage media.

The below calculator provides a three year TCO estimate based on your system architecture and workload. Simply input the requirements, and submit form to review a list of OCZ enterprise SSDs and click "Calculate 3 Year TCO" to project total cost of ownership savings.

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