Visual Computing Data Management

Visual computing or Digital Content Creation involves the interplay among techniques of visualization, large-scale computing, data management, and imaging. Visual computing requires servers and workstations for highly intensive calculations on large data sets. These computing requirements are critical for graphics developers, 3D architecture, audio/video and 3D animation, as well as video game creation.

Storage, cluster and workstation systems utilizing OCZ Enterprise Storage are ideal for small business, as well as medium to large-scale enterprise visual computing applications. OCZ delivers high performance, significantly reduced Total Cost of Ownership, and energy-efficient solutions to meet the stringent demands of high performance enterprise production systems.

Enterprise Use Cases

Audio Video Creation

Audio/Video Creation

Develop, edit and deploy digital content efficiently in order to capitalize on creative projects, and shorten time-to-market schedules




Provide significant capital and power savings, while providing substantial productivity gains for Computer Aided Design, Manufacturing and Engineering.


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