On April 1, 2016, OCZ Storage Solution, Inc. (“OCZ”) officially became part of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (“TAEC”).

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For the last decade, data centers have been rapidly adapting distributed resource IT models and server virtualization, which empowers them with many key virtualization features such as live VM migration and data recovery. However, while in traditional environments system and storage professionals could easily determine the I/O patterns at the server and in the storage levels, in virtual environments multiple I/O workloads are blended and transformed into random access. As administrators try to enhance ROI by deploying more and more VMs on their hosts, storage performance quickly changes from a secondary consideration to the primary bottleneck limiting server effectiveness.

OCZ VXL provides a caching and virtualization layer for existing SAN volumes with no need for environment changes as well as enabling SAN-less HA solutions. Using Z-Drive 4500 and advanced caching algorithms together with application aware policies, VXL caches only the hot data in the SSD to save the I/O trip to the HDD LUN. Furthermore, for mission critical applications, the user can allocate part of the SSD to be used as a flash volume. The data is synchronously written to another host with a Z-Drive 4500 for data protection and high availability. The end result is fast data, stored locally and extremely well protected.

Solution Benefits

  • Massive acceleration of accesses to external storage arrays by caching "hot data" for enterprise applications
  • Decreases traffic to external storage typically by over 90%
  • Virtualized servers can support up to and beyond 10 times the number of VMs
  • Accelerates all popular enterprise applications, including MS Exchange Server, Oracle DB, MySQL, Sharepoint and more
  • Huge savings in storage, servers, power and cooling, leading to minimal TCO

Virtualization Acclereration Performance Benefits

Average Data Warehouse Query Completion Times Multiple Concurrent SQL Server 2012 VMs

Virtualization Acceleration Architecture

Virtualization Acceleration Architecture

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