Virtualization Data Management

Virtualization has changed the game when it comes to how enterprises deploy and manage their IT infrastructures. However, more often than not, its potential is not fully realized. When I/O and random access demands increase, traditional storage methods are challenged thereby creating a data bottleneck that can bring an enterprise to its knees.

OCZ's Solid State Drive storage solutions eliminate I/O bottlenecks, delivering the full power of virtualization without sacrificing any of its inherent benefits. The Solid State Drives are completely flexible to allow for use as direct storage devices, as well as software accelerators in virtualized environments. These breakthrough solutions enable beyond ten times the number of Virtual Machines on the same physical host, bringing virtualization to life.

Enterprise Use Cases

Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization

Eliminate the I/O blender affect in virtual environments by reducing the I/O trip to the SAN volume and cross cluster flash virtualization




Supports up to and beyond 10 times the number of virtual machines by each server in VDI environment and providing consistent performance to users under heaviest loads in boot time


Virtualization Acceleration

Virtualization Acceleration

Improve response time in virtual environment using caching and flash virtualization by eliminating the traffic to external storage using OCZ PCIe SSD and caching software


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