Well over half of the servers deployed each year are utilized for virtualized workloads. In addition, nearly every enterprise company has implemented virtualization into their datacenters and critical business processes. Data required by the applications in these virtualized environments must be easily and quickly retrieved from the storage subsystems servicing the applications and users. However, traditional storage architectures have not kept pace with increases in processor, memory and networking performance. The retrieval of data and servicing of enterprise applications and users has become the limiting factor in overall system performance.

OCZ’s Solid State Drives for virtualized environments unlock the performance of traditional virtualized storage. Incorporating OCZ enterprise SSDs into virtualized servers allows the hypervisor to utilize very fast and powerful flash memory to service more Virtual Machines much more responsively than traditional storage. Additionally, OCZ Z-Drive R4 can be implemented with OCZ’s Virtualization Acceleration Software, VXL, to create a flash accelerator for data in slower external or internal storage arrays.

Solution Benefits

  • Substantially increase the number of Virtual Machines supported by a single virtualized server
  • Greatly improve I/O performance and lower latency to all VMs in server
  • Fully support all major features of virtualization, including VM Migration (vMotion™), High-Availability, Mirroring
  • Lengthen life of storage investment by keeping critical application, user and log files on incredibly fast, local storage
  • Cut TCO and increase ROI


Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD

Z-Drive R4 PCIe

Talos 2 SAS SSD

Talos 2 SAS


VXL Software Storage Accelerator

VXL Storage Accelerator


  • VMware ESXi 4.1, 5.0, 5.1