On April 1, 2016, OCZ Storage Solution, Inc. (“OCZ”) officially became part of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (“TAEC”).

A new OCZ website is coming soon that will reflect this change.
Since there is some legacy information on this OCZ site, please use the contents of this site as a reference only.
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The process of creating digital content involves the creation and modification of digital content. Digital content includes such works as animation, audio, graphics, photo images and video. This large field encompasses many segments such as 3D graphics, audio editing, photo creation and manipulation, visual effects, and computer-generated (CG) applications.

Digital content is created by using dedicated software and hardware which enables users to import and edit video and audio, and output the result in a format targeted at a specific clientele. Industry digital video and cinema content creators are in need of more performance from their systems, especially as the amount of jobs with larger and larger media sizes increases. OCZ's enterprise solid state drives are meant to enable production houses to develop and deploy content effectively in order to capitalize on creative projects, and shorten time-to-market schedules.

Solution Benefits

  • Manipulate in real-time large data sets of video, audio and images, including stereoscopic content
  • Accelerate application of effects, editing and compositing of content, and playback of video and audio
  • Significantly decrease data intensive operations such as encode, decode and transcode
  • Very easily work with large numbers of diverse HD and stereoscopic tracks in real time
  • Save hours of time in working with scratch files, particularly with large, layer intensive files
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