On April 1, 2016, OCZ Storage Solution, Inc. (“OCZ”) officially became part of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (“TAEC”).

A new OCZ website is coming soon that will reflect this change.
Since there is some legacy information on this OCZ site, please use the contents of this site as a reference only.
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Flash Caching & Virtualization Software Solution

Optimize Your Virtualized Business Applications

The OCZ VXL Software Solution maximizes performance of virtualized server environments by combining advanced application-optimized caching with dynamic allocation of on-host flash. In conjunction with an OCZ Z-Drive R4 and Z-Drive 4500 PCIe SSD, VXL enables intelligent and efficient on-demand distribution of flash between Virtual Machines (VMs) based on need regardless of how many VMs are running concurrently.

VXL virtualizes Z-Drive Series flash and presents it as network-available storage volumes and caching resources. With essential features such as High Availability (HA) and end-to-end Fault Tolerance (FT), VXL provides superior application performance and access, with or without a back-end SAN or storage appliance.

Key Differentiators

  • Only solution that enables flash cache physically located in one host server to be shared across remote servers simultaneously
  • Does not require guest agents within application VM to dramatically simplify deployment
  • Supports ALL guest operating systems that are supported by the hypervisors
  • Supports dynamic VM migration from one server to another (e.g., vMotion) without the loss of cache
  • Enables SAN-less data center as part of an all-silicon cluster
  • Dynamic allocation of flash to VMs which leads to higher utilization rates and lower TCO
  • Application-optimized cache on-demand for higher performance and endurance
VXL Software Storage Accelerator

VXL Delivers:

  • Application optimized caching 
  • Highly available flash volumes
  • Dynamic flash resource sharing 
  • ‘SAN-less’ data center enablement
  • Flash performance without compromising VM functionality
  • vMotion™ support without loss of cache
  • Automated cache warm-up scheduler
  • Simple non-intrusive installation

White Papers

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