Dramatically Accelerate Enterprise Applications

The Z-Drive 6000, Z-Drive 4500 Series, and ZD-XL SQL Accelerator Series are compact, power-efficient solid-state solutions that fit directly into the server’s PCIe bus to increase server application performance while delivering fast and reliable access to data without burdening host CPU and memory resources. The Z-Drive 4500 and R4 Series of SSDs are supported by OCZ’s VXL Software for flash-based virtualization and WXL Software for accelerating Windows standalone environments. ZD-XL SQL Accelerator provides optimized and efficient flash acceleration for SQL Server environments through the tight integration of hardware and software elements.

OCZ Z-Drive 6000


Looking for Consumer PCI Express SSD?

PCI Express (PCIe) Interface

  • Maximum bandwidth potential
  • Linear performance scaling with added lanes
  • More IOPS per pin than any other bus
  • Layered architecture for increased adaptability
  • Can decrease physical footprints
  • High transactional performance
  • Enables higher capacities up to 3.2TB
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