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Delivering Accelerated SQL Server Performance with OCZ’s ZD-XL SQL Accelerator

Performance Test Results for Analytical (OLAP) and Transactional (OLTP) SQL Server 2012 Loads

Allon Cohen, PhD
Yaron Klein
Eli Ben Namer
David Dorham
Rodolfo Campos
Scott Harlin

Published July 2013


The OCZ white paper entitled, “Introducing ZD-XL SQL Accelerator” addresses the key elements required to efficiently accelerate SQL Server applications (via flash volumes, flash caching, cache policy optimization, and cache pre-warming) and how these elements are seamlessly designed into the ZD-XL SQL Accelerator architecture. This white paper presents application load testing results performed in analytical and transactional environments as a follow-up to the “Introducing ZD-XL SQL Accelerator” white paper. By introducing ZD-XL SQL Accelerator into a SQL Server 2012 environment, query completion times are greatly improved while processing times are dramatically reduced unleashing accelerated application performance.

The Microsoft SQL Server 2012 enterprise database management system (DBMS) includes features and enhancements that improve database availability, simplify the moving of databases between instances, employ more productive management and development tools, and provide significant enhancements in performance, programmability and security. These improvements require that data access latency and transactional input/output operations per second (IOPS) deliver optimal performance so that concurrent users can be serviced without contention in transactional environments heightening the user experience. Additionally, access rates and database read latencies can significantly impact the time it takes to complete analytical queries in data warehouse environments requiring an optimized and efficient solution that accelerates SQL Server workloads.

OCZ’s new ZD-XL SQL Accelerator is designed to provide optimized and efficient flash acceleration for SQL Server environments through the tight integration of innovative hardware and software elements. This plug-and-play solution has earned the Best of Interop® award in the Data Center & Storage category through a potent combination of lightning fast flash performance, a unique cache mechanism that makes advanced and statistically-optimized decisions on what data to cache, and wizard-based implementation software that enables database administrators to setup caching policies that optimize application performance based on SQL Server workloads.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Performance Testing: Analytical Workloads
  3. Test Results: Analytical Workloads
  4. Test Results: Transactional Workloads
  5. Virtualized Flash Volume Performance Testing
  6. Conclusion
  7. Appendix A: Testing Configurations
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