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Accelerating MS SQL Server 2012

Unleashing the Full Power of SQL Server 2012 in Virtualized Data Centers

By Allon Cohen, PhD
Scott Harlin

Published July 2012


SQL Server 2012, the latest release of Microsoft’s enterprise DBMS, includes new features and enhancements that improve database availability, simplify the moving of databases between instances, employ more productive management and development tools, and provide significant enhancements in performance, programmability and security.

Being data access intensive, the performance of this database application is dependent on storage performance. The speed of the storage implementation determines the time it will take to scan and analyze large portions of data, and dictates whether users receive the business insight they need, in the time frame they require.

To enable a large number of users to be serviced without contention, and to maximize the user experience of MS SQL Server applications, the underlying storage latency and transactional IOPS must deliver optimal performance. Providing immediate access to data becomes especially critical during peak usage so that productivity is not adversely affected. Transactional access rates and database read latencies can significantly impact the time it takes to complete data warehouse queries in enterprise and cloud environments.

This white paper presents a solution that dramatically increases MS SQL Server transactional IOPS performance, reduces database read latencies, dramatically improves query completion times, and is optimized for SQL Server 2012, enabling flash virtualization and data caching to increase application performance and data access. The OCZ solution includes host-based PCI Express (PCIe) Z-Drive R4 solid-state drives (SSDs) and VXL caching and virtualization software. By introducing this combined solution into an MS SQL Server 2012 analytical environment, improves query processing by factors up to 1700%, dramatically reducing processing window times while unleashing the full power of SQL Server 2012 in virtualized data centers.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Optimized Caching and Flash Virtualization for SQL Server 2012
  3. Addressing SQL Server 2012 Storage Access Requirements
  4. Performance Testing with a Single SQL Server 2012 VM
  5. Testing Results with a Single SQL Server 2012 VM
  6. Performance Testing with Multiple, Concurrent SQL Server 2012 VMs
  7. Testing Results with Multiple, Concurrent SQL Server 2012 VMs
  8. Unleashing the Power of Virtualization
  9. Conclusion
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