Delivering Leading Sustained Performance with OCZ’s Z-Drive 4500 PCIe SSD Series

Validated by PCIe SSD Verification Testing Conducted by DataCore Software (as part of the DataCore Ready Program Certification)

Introducing OCZ’s New SATA-Based Enterprise-Class SSD Portfolio

Understanding the Key Capabilities of the Saber 1000 Series and Intrepid 3000 Series

Introducing OCZ’s StoragePeak 1000 SSD Management Software

Centralized Management, Monitoring, Maintenance and Reporting for OCZ Enterprise SSDs

The Effect on SSDs as Process Geometries Get Smaller

Factors Associated with Flash Wear

Introducing the Z-Drive 4500 PCIe SSD Series

Identifying the Key Features and Capabilities of OCZ’s Next-Generation, Enterprise-Class, PCIe-Based SSDs

Supporting Big Data Applications with Flash-Based Storage

Part 1: Providing a Better Understanding of the Big Data Storage Opportunity

Driving Big Data with OCZ Enterprise SSDs

Part 2: Delivering the Performance and Management Required for Big Data Applications

Accelerating Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Workloads with Flash

Part 1: Introducing OCZ’s ZD-XL SQL Accelerator 1.5 in Support of SQL Server 2014 Storage Capabilities

Accelerating Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Workloads with Flash

Part 2: Delivering Accelerated Performance for Transactional (OLTP) and Analytical (OLAP) Workloads

Introducing the Intrepid 3000 SSD Series

Identifying the Key Features and Capabilities of OCZ’s Next-Generation, Enterprise-Class, SATA III-Based SSDs

Understanding Key Performance Metrics of OCZ’s Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSDs

PCIe SSD Blind Performance Test Survey Conducted by Calypso Systems

Flash Delivery in the Software-Defined Data Center

OCZ VXL Software Addresses the SDDC Vision of the Future with Software-Defined Flash Delivery

Delivering Accelerated SQL Server Performance with OCZ’s ZD-XL SQL Accelerator

Performance Test Results for Analytical (OLAP) and Transactional (OLTP) SQL Server 2012 Loads

Optimizing SQL Server AlwaysOn Implementations with OCZ’s ZD-XL SQL Accelerator

Delivering Accelerated Application Performance, Microsoft® AlwaysOn High Availability and Fast Data Replication with the Mellanox® ConnectX®-3 EN Network Interface Card

Introducing ZD-XL SQL Accelerator

Identifying the Key Elements for Efficient SQL Server Acceleration

Going All Flash, SAN-less and Staying Fault Tolerant

Benefitting from Flash Performance with Uninterrupted Service in a Virtualized Environment

The SSD/HDD Balancing Act in the Enterprise

Achieving the Right Mix of Performance, Capacity and Cost-Efficiency

Utilizing Flash to Its Fullest Potential in a SAN Environment

Identifying Key SSD Opportunities for HDD Replacement

Empowering Enterprise Applications with Optimized Flash Hardware and Software

The Combination of Optimal Flash Caching with Accelerated I/O Access Delivers a Leading-Edge Flash Implementation

Accelerating Database Applications on Linux Servers

Introducing OCZ’s LXL Software - Delivering a Data-Path Optimized Solution for Flash Acceleration

The Next Frontier of Data Center Virtualization - Flash in the Era of Distributed Storage

A Deeper Dive into the Capabilities of OCZ’s VXL 1.2 Software Delivering the Next Revolution of Storage Architectures for Virtualized Environments

Answering the Requirements of Flash-Based SSDs in the Virtualized Data Center

Provide accelerated data access and an immediate performance boost of business-critical applications with caching and virtualization software

Accelerating MS SQL Server 2012

Unleashing the Full Power of SQL Server 2012 in Virtualized Data Centers

Transforming Data Center Economics and Performance via Flash and Server Virtualization

Creating a Lean, Mean & Green Data Center with OCZ PCIe Flash-Based SSDs and VXL Software

MS Exchange Server Acceleration

Using virtualization to dramatically maximize user experience for Microsoft® Exchange Server

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