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Case Study

PEER 1 Hosting

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Answering The Call For Storage Speed

PEER 1 Hosting uses OCZ SSDs to meet its customers’ demands for speed and reliability.


PEER 1 Hosting, a Web site hosting company, was looking to address the demands of its growing customer base and bandwidth requirements and wanted to leverage the benefits of solid-state technology to enhance its offerings to its clients. Although the company had arrived at the decision to invest in SSDs fairly easily, much more had to go into the buying process. “We had customers asking for higher disk performance at a great price point,” says John Hamner, product manager at PEER 1 Hosting. “We also recognized we had a need for enterprise-class storage, with features that would help ensure our customers’ data was protected.”

For a hosting service, data security and speed is everything. Web sites require easy, quick, and uncompromised access to information and so PEER 1 Hosting knew it needed a fast, reliable SSD solution to meet its needs. In the end, the company chose Deneva SSDs from OCZ, and that decision has made all the difference.

The Case For Enterprise-Class Deneva SSD

“OCZ provides a lot of unique options for enterprise-class storage, including encryption, capacitor-based power protection, eMLC, [and] advanced features to ensure performance over the life of the drive, and the level of service we received from them was well above the rest.”

PEER 1 Hosting's John Hammer

For PEER 1 Hosting, the storage-buying process began with what Hamner calls “extensive research” of multiple solid-state storage providers. This included searching for the right price point and level of performance the company needed to match the expectations of its customers. Eventually, PEER 1 Hosting discovered that OCZ could deliver on both fronts.

“We found OCZ to be not only the highest-performing SSDs, but also the most competitively priced,” Hamner says. "By utilizing OCZ Storage Solutions, we found a great balance between price and performance, while providing the enterpriselevel features our customers demand.”

More specifically, PEER 1 Hosting decided to invest in OCZ’s SATA 3Gb/s Deneva R Series SSDs, which are designed to be fast, secure, and highly customizable. With max read speeds of up to 280MBps and max write speeds of up to 265MBps as well as 128-bit AES-compliant encryption, these drives had all of the main features that PEER 1 Hosting needed.

Implemenation & Most Helpful Features

Just as PEER 1 Hosting conducted in-depth research to choose the right SSDs for its customers, the company also went in-depth in the testing phases to ensure the Deneva R Series SSDs could handle its storage and security needs. “We performed a series of very exhaustive testing cycles on these SSDs, including testing them in different combinations that our customers would utilize them in, including RAID and standalone drive configurations,” Hamner says. “We wanted to verify the performance, reliability, and functions, and the drives had all performed as expected.”

Deneva 2 2.5 Inch SSD

Confident that the tests yielded results that would be beneficial to its customers, PEER 1 Hosting decided to implement the Deneva R Series SSDs into its service, and according to Hamner, the results have been immediate. “Our customers have been seeing the benefits of using these drives in their solutions, and operationally we’ve been able to solve performance problems for our customers needing additional performance,” Hamner says.

Other than increased speed, PEER 1 Hosting has seen many other benefits, as well. The company bought the drives mainly for performance, but according to Hamner, PEER 1 Hosting is pleased with the “capacitor-based backup option for the enterprise drives.” This option is OCZ’s DataWrite Assurance Technology, which is built into OCZ’s Deneva R Series SSDs as well as many of the company’s other solutions. It’s designed to prevent data loss or corruption during unexpected power outages or other power-related failures. Because PEER 1 Hosting guarantees zero downtime for all of its customers, DataWrite Assurance Technology was an important deciding factor for implementing the drives and ultimately fulfilling that guarantee.

Other drives without this type of protection can sometimes have lower page corruption, which is a problem for database applications. Hamner says that OCZ’s Deneva R Series drives enabled PEER 1 Hosting “to confidently offer SSDs for database customers and ensure the reliability of our customer solutions.”

Problems Solved

PEER 1 Hosting has been very happy with its decision to take advantage of OCZ SSDs, according to Hamner. The company addressed the needs of its customers and offered a “high-value, high-performance SSD solution,” Hamner says. Additionally, the company has been able to replace its older-generation SSDs with Deneva R Series drives to get a boost in overall performance, reliability, and security.

Future Plans

For PEER 1 Hosting, Hamner doesn’t foresee the Deneva R Series SSDs being the last products from OCZ that the company will use. After all, even though PEER 1 Hosting can currently keep up with what its customers need, there is always the chance that that could change down the road. For that reason, PEER 1 Hosting will keep a close eye on OCZ’s future innovations.

“We have been pleased with the responsiveness of our OCZ team and plan on continuing to evaluate, test, and determine which other products OCZ offers we should provide to our customers,” Hamner says. “OCZ has some very compelling offerings with their PCI Express-based storage solutions, and their Deneva 2-R drives are also exciting.”

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