On April 1, 2016, OCZ Storage Solution, Inc. (“OCZ”) officially became part of Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (“TAEC”).

A new OCZ website is coming soon that will reflect this change.
Since there is some legacy information on this OCZ site, please use the contents of this site as a reference only.
For inquiries about the OCZ website, please Contact Us ❯

Enterprise Latest Firmware Releases

Product Firmware Version Release Date Release Notes
Z-Drive 4500
Z-Drive R4 R Series
Deneva 2 R Series
3.22e February 18, 2015 Release Notes
Saber 1000 Series 1.01 June 15, 2015 Release Notes
Intrepid 3600/3800 Series February 5, 2016 Release Notes
Intrepid 3700 Series January 22, 2016 Release Notes
Z-Drive R4 C Series
Deneva 2 C Series
Talos 2 C Series
2.25 October 5, 2012 Release Notes
Talos 2 R Series 3.20e November 16, 2012 Release Notes
Deneva C/R Series
Talos C/R Series
1.37 June 5, 2012 Release Notes

Enterprise Latest BIOS Releases

Product BIOS Version Release Date Release Notes Download
Z-Drive 6000 1.0.507
(EFI Option ROM)
December 23, 2015 Release Notes
Z-Drive 4500
Z-Drive R4 C/R Series
1.6.4 March 14, 2014 Release Notes N/A

How to update OCZ SSD firmware and BIOS

To update your OCZ SSD firmware, download the appropriate SSD management tool. Follow available user guide instructions and make sure to read all warnings and backup all your data before updating the firmware and BIOS.


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