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As the fourth generation of the legendary Vertex family, the Vertex 4 Series pushes storage performance to the max and redefines the modern day computing experience. Vertex 4 SSDs are innovatively engineered to deliver industry-leading file transfer rates and superior system responsiveness, all while providing a more durable, reliable, and energy efficient storage solution compared to traditional hard drives. Designed to take full advantage of the SATA 3 interface, the Vertex 4 unleashes ultimate productivity, gaming, and multimedia applications.

Key Features

Industry's Highest IOPs Performance up to 120,000

Incredible performance in workstation and heavy-duty environments with multiple data threads.

No Compression-Related Performance Limitations

Better performance with "real world" data streams of varying "compressibility" as well as fully incompressible data such as videos and multimedia files, encrypted data, archive files such as .ZIP files and software.

OCZ Infused™ Everest 2 Platform

Leading edge dual-ARM controller architecture enables faster performance like nothing else you've experienced.

Fast Boot Times and Ultra-Low Latency

Boot up in as little as 9 seconds, and industry-low latencies of .04 reads and .02 writes enable superior multitasking and flawless performance.

Industry-leading 5-Year Warranty

Backed by OCZ's renowned service for ultimate peace of mind.

Ndurance 2.0 Technology

Advanced suite of NAND Flash management to increase durability and reliability to expand the NAND's lifespan.

Excelling In Performance - No Matter the File Types

Mirroring real-world performance scenarios over a broad spectrum of consumer desktop and mobile applications, Vertex 4 SSDs are designed to provide a superior user experience and extreme performance over the other current solutions available on the market.

With the cutting-edge OCZ Everest 2 platform, Vertex 4 is optimized for consistent, high speeds with the complete spectrum of file types and sizes including both compressible and incompressible data for balanced performance like no other drive you've experienced.

Featured Reviews

Vertex 4 vs Vertex 3

AS SSD Vertex 4 512GB Vertex 3 480GB
Seq. ReadMB/s 461.9 503.1
Seq. WriteMB/s 462.9 245.7
4k ReadMB/s 32.9 25.6
4k WriteMB/s 121.8 22.1
4k-64k ReadMB/s 351.9 219.5
4k-64k WriteMB/s 297.8 144.5
Read ScoreMB/s 431 295
Write ScoreMB/s 466 191
Overall Score 1,129 634

AS SSD Access Time Vertex 4 512GB Vertex 3 480GB
Access Time Read (ms) 0.04 0.05
Access Time Write (ms) 0.03 0.20

Crystal Disk Mark Vertex 4 512GB Vertex 3 480GB
4k Read (IOPS) 9,131.5 8,709.1
4k Write (IOPS) 36,761.6 5,831.7
4k Read - QD 32 (IOPS) 95,718.4 59,238.4
4k Write - QD 32 (IOPS) 86,502.4 30,208.0

IOmeter 2010 Vertex 4 512GB
Compressible   |   Incompressible
Vertex 3 480GB
Compressible   |   Incompressible
Maximum IOPS (512byte) 11,090 119,115 64,484 66,678
4KB Random Write (3QD) 77,956 78,519 14,399 11,624
4KB Random Read (32QD) 91,181 91,381 58,853 60,525
4KB Random Write (32QD) 84,607 84,110 59,352 30,795
Iometer Average Latency Write (ms) 0.04 0.04 0.17 0.24

Vertex 4 SSD Video

OCZ SSD Features

OCZ SSD Less Lag
Less Lag

OCZ SSDs offer industry-leading low latency, enabling faster access to data and a more responsive computer. Optimize an old notebook or maximize a modern PC.

OCZ SSD Proprietary Technology
Proprietary Technology

It’s through cutting-edge technology that OCZ has set itself apart from the rest. Our secret sauce is in our advanced suite of flash management.

OCZ SSD Award Winning Innovation
Award-Winning Innovation

With innovative storage features, OCZ promises to change your computing expectations and live up to the hype of using an SSD.

OCZ SSD Advance Endurance
Advanced Endurance

Worried about the lifespan of flash memory? OCZ increases durability and maximizes the life expectancy of the flash in each SSD.

OCZ SSD Beyond the Box
Beyond the Box

OCZ SSDs deliver lasting performance and reliability long after the initial ‘fresh-out-of-the-box’ experience.

The SSD Advantage

Faster Performance
Faster Performance

SSD technology enables 100x greater throughput, quicker boot ups, faster file transfers, and overall snappier performance than hard drives.

More Bang for the Buck

When considering performance per dollar, SSDs are more cost-effective than their mechanical counterparts.

Greater Durability
Greater Durability

The non-mechanical design of NAND flash mounted to circuit boards is extremely durable, unlike HDDs and their rotating disks and seeking spindles.

Less Power
Energy Efficient

SSDs use significantly less power than hard drives, promoting a longer battery life in notebooks, less power consumption, and a greener computing environment.

Silente Operation
Silent Operation

With no moving parts, SSDs run virtually silent in your notebook or PC to eliminate distracting noise during gaming or entertainment.

For more information about SSDs vs. HDDs, SSD FAQs and tutorials, please visit the OCZ SSD Guide.

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