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Break Away from SATA Bottlneck with RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD

Break the Bottleneck

Imagine the faster file transfers, snappier boot ups, and system responsiveness that make SSDs superior to hard drives, and then multiply that by 3X to achieve the incredible speeds of the PCIe-based RevoDrive 350. Free up the bandwidth and see the productivity potential your workstation or performance gaming system was missing for so long.

Sophisticated Feature-Set

There’s more below the surface of its incredible speeds. With OCZ’s Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA) technology, the multi-controller RevoDrive 350 is seen by the host as a single drive to enable TRIM command support, SMART health monitoring, and easy firmware updates. Plus, it’s bootable as a direct-attach device to launch applications in a snap.

Don’t be Afraid to Write

As a media professional, you write a lot more data than the average user. The RevoDrive 350 has you covered, supporting up to 50GB of host writes per day for 3 years to provide leading endurance over less robust consumer SSDs.

Keep Thermals in Check

That sleek new casing isn’t just for looks. RevoDrive 350 keeps its cool even during the most intensive applications or heavy multitasking with an improved alloy housing to effectively dissipate heat.

RevoDrive 350 Features

Bye-Bye Bottleneck

Eliminates the SATA bottleneck enabling up to 3x the performance

Hassle-Free RAID

Get SSD RAID performance in an easy to deploy, single card solution

Virtualized Controller Architecture™ (VCA) 2.0

Internal storage controller enables TRIM, SMART, and secure erase

Workstation-grade Design

Engineered for demanding professional applications

Optimized Drivers

Ground-up, redesigned drivers for ultimate performance efficiency

Enhanced Thermals

Integrated heatsink provides a stable and cool thermal SSD environment

Superior Bandwidth

More available bandwidth with PCI Express Gen. 2 x8 interface

Enterprise Derived

Design based on enterprise-grade OCZ Z-Drive 4500

Meeting video production demands with the RevoDrive 350

Turning to a high performance PCIe SSD like the RevoDrive 350 to address its storage challenges, Flamboyant Media experienced reduced latency and overall response times in its most-used applications.



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