The CoreXStream 500W Power Supply is ideal for mainstream desktops or home office PCs. This latest value-oriented series showcases an understated black casing and unlit fan for consumers seeking effective, quiet performance, and is built for excellent reliability at an extremely affordable price point.

Ideal for users seeking a more simplistic design, The 500W configuration provides the necessary power for mainstream systems and desktop computing setups, and even at peak loads remains virtually silent and excludes flashy LEDs, ensuring the power supply is not a distraction during your computing session.

The CoreXStream Series is kept supremely cool with a load-controlled 120mm fan to remain quiet under load, featuring up to 80% efficiency under typical load environments to remain rock solid and stable while minimizing energy usage. Built to provide sufficient output to power entry level graphics platforms with an array of connectors, the CoreXStream also features ample cable lengths for various applications and system configurations all wrapped in a flexible mesh to promote a tidy case environment.

OCZ CoreXStream power supplies come backed with a three year OCZ PowerSwap Warranty, and are available in Europe, UK, and Asia.

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Available only in Europe, United Kingdom, China, Japan, South Korea and Brazil.